Kleinfelder/ City of Coronado
Coronado, CA
Services Provided
Lead Engineer
Andrew Karydes

Coronado Seals Sewer Main Extension

SDE performed records research and a field survey to locate and verify horizontal and vertical project control based on County of San Diego Survey Control for use during the aerial, topographic mapping and right-of-way survey. SDE performed a field survey to identify and locate horizontally and vertically requested pothole locations in relation to existing topography and proposed improvements and set aerial panels based on said survey control network.

SDE conducted a supplemental field survey to locate and identify other topographic features to include hardscape, utilities, facilities and/or other man-made or man-placed features obscured from view and not identified in the aerial photos for use in the preparation of final engineering design. SDE sent out letters based on the USA member list to facility owners, requesting copies of as-built drawings within the project area. SDE reviewed the As-Builts provided and confirm plotted utilities along the proposed sewer alignment.

SDE performed a field survey to locate, identify and tie-out sufficient survey monuments of record to enable SDE to verify and depict right-of-way and property line locations.