Precise. Responsive and Budget Conscious.

SDE has served the San Diego region for over forty years.

SDE construction


San Dieguito Engineering has developed over 30,000 acres of land, to build safe and vibrant communities throughout the southern California Region.

Notable Projects

Over our forty-five year history, we have worked for municipalities, residential, hospitality, commercial and healthcare projects throughout the Southern California region.

Purpose Driven Leadership

Experience is what gives us knowledge. It is our dedication to our purpose that drives our leadership.

Ground-Breaking News

Construction of the Rancho Santa Fe Residence project site was just recently completed.  This beautiful single-family estate is located on six acres in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.  The project consisted of reconstruction of the home and driveway and adding a new barn and pasture.  The exterior grounds of the property slope radially down away from…

San Dieguito Engineering, Inc. (SDE) is pleased to announce our long time relationship with Sunnie House has resulted in the addition of Sunnie as our first Outside Board of Director.  Together, with renewed leadership and committed and very capable staff, SDE is excited about the future of our company. Public infrastructure, housing, infill projects, redevelopment,…

We land surveyors are usually the first boots on the ground for any endeavor. 55 years ago in June, NASA recognized the importance of land surveyors by naming the first US launched spacecraft intended to land (rather than impact) on the lunar surface Surveyor 1. According to an article from the NY Times, the Surveyor…