Erosion Control Measures

San Diego County is expecting its first significant rain event of the season this weekend (11/7).  Are you prepared?  If you live in parts of the County which were unfortunately affected by fires, you could be more susceptible to flooding.  Fires destroy trees and vegetation which provide for local water absorption and which reduce runoff velocities that otherwise could be erosive.  The County of San Diego provides information and guidance on ways to prepare your home via their ‘Erosion Control Homeowner’s Assistance Online Center.  This site includes various means of protecting your property such as installing sandbags, fiber rolls, seeding, and mulch. 

To mitigate the effects of stormwater runoff, San Dieguito Engineering (SDE) offers clients its expertise in a broad scope of stormwater related services.  Not only can we prepare stormwater documents such as drainage reports and water quality studies for preliminary and final engineering design phases, but we are also proficient in preparing erosion control plans to address pollutants generated during the construction phase.  This knowledge perfectly equips us to provide guidance for addressing areas susceptible to erosion due to fires.  If you have an area of concern and could use our services, please contact our office at (858) 345-1149.