Importance of Visual Aids Amidst COVID-19

Visual aides are a cornerstone of the land development industry. In most cases, visual aids and conceptual imagery are what members of the land development industry utilize to convey an image of a proposed development to our clients or decision-making governing bodies. From watercolor painted conceptual renderings to full scale models, visual aids can be powerful, impactful, and may ultimately decide whether a project will thrive or die on the vine.

Today, more so than ever, preparing and utilizing professionally designed visuals are one of the most important tasks that should be a part of every project. The outbreak of COVID-19 has many members of the land development industry confined to their homes.  Meetings with clients and public review hearings are being conducted virtually, which makes the importance of visual aids pivotal to the success of a project. Being able to walk your audience through the vision of the project is one of the most powerful tools that are available to us today. Computer generated 3-D modeling programs, like Infraworks by Autodesk, allow us to take a virtual tour of a finished product and gain better insight to how one can make their project as aesthetically pleasing as possible while maximizing he use of the subject property.

More often than not, full scale models and concept art does not always give the audience the firsthand view of what their development could look like. With the advanced graphic design programs that are available such as Infraworks, we are better able to help our clients envision their dream and convey that message more clearly to a decision making governing body. With programs, such as Infraworks by Autodesk, we are able to seamlessly:

-Generate compelling and immersive visual experiences to communicate design intent.

-Seamlessly integrate design with geospatial GIS data.

-Model existing conditions of a site that represent the built and natural environment.

-Visually explore conceptual design options in-context.

All these attributes, and more, are features that make graphic design programs, like Infraworks, a necessary tool for members of the land development industry to better connect their client’s vision with their target audience. In days when most of us are apart, conceptual visual aids can help bring our visions together.